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© 2023 Roberta Estes, Artist

The need to create art is more than can be put into words, because you have to release it from a place that can’t be defined.

My art usually evolves organically: without a specific destination in mind. But when my life is challenging to the point of near breaking, my paintings tend to become more exacting. When I feel as if my world is spinning out of control, I subconsciously lean toward art that reflects a more organized abstraction, utilizing geometric harmony and gradation in artistic construction. These paintings embrace finite lines, shapes, and borders.

Imposing order on my life is an inexact science, and articulating through art is highly nuanced. Manipulating color and texture on canvas is a multifaceted means of communication, with mixed messaging expected…and encouraged.

Art is a personal experience. My paintings will either say something to you or not …

but when they do, what you hear or how you interpret is never incorrect. Understanding and appreciating abstract art has no limitations, and, no one is wrong. Not me…for painting it. Not you…for getting it. And not someone else…for passing it by without hearing the slightest whisper.